Orlando Bloom was ''sick of the sight'' of himself after becoming a star.

The 43-year-old actor shot to fame in the 'Lord of the Rings' and the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchises in the early 2000s and followed those up with 'Kingdom of Heaven' and 'Elizabethtown' in 2005 and Orlando admitted that fame became too much for him.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: ''It just unfolded. I had this insane run, like you said, I don't think there are many people who had a run like it, two trilogies and Ridley Scott, Cameron Crowe ... just a huge run. I was sick of seeing myself. I was sick of the sight of myself, almost, with all the publicity that had to go along with all these movies, and inevitably, I think, you just burn out to an extent to yourself and for an audience.''

Orlando decided to take a break from movies after his now ex-wife Miranda Kerr, 37, fell pregnant with their son Flynn, nine, because he wanted to be present for his son.

He explained: ''I didn't feel like there was any disillusion. It sort of all just manifested and unfolded that way. My now ex, Miranda, who we're very close and we co-parent my son, when I found out she was pregnant, I was just like, 'Wow, this is what has to happen. We're going to do this. Let's do this, and this is the next chapter.' Because of my own story with my childhood and the relationship with my father, it was just really important to me that I was very present for [my son].

''I did what I thought was right. I did a run of Romeo and Juliet on Broadway, I had an incredible run, which was fantastic. I went back and did some theatre, and I think it would have been good just to ... it was an interesting period. It was kind of like watching my death, just a little bit. I feel like you need that, because it's what makes you grow. When you have a need, you have something to shoot for, and by taking some time, I created a need for me, and that was important.''

And Orlando - who is set to welcome a baby girl with fiancée Katy Perry this summer - revealed he will only take on projects he is passionate about from now on because his time with his kids is so precious.

He said: ''Let me put it like this: I'm not driven by money. I'm not driven by fame. I'm driven by the creative process, and the promise that I made to myself as a young actor in drama school and the fear that's created when you walk out onto a stage. Now that I'm almost about to have another baby, my time has become so precious that I only want to spend it on things that are going to challenge me and give me the opportunity to grow because that's really what it's about for me and that's why I love being an actor.''