Owen Wilson thinks 'Zoolander 2' has a ''chance'' of being funny.

The 46-year-old actor has already completed filming for the highly-anticipated sequel to him and Ben Stiller's 2001 offering and hopes it will live up to people's expectations.

He said: ''Beginning with the way they announced 'Zoolander 2', by having Ben and I walk out in Paris, in character.

''We weren't quite sure what to expect after 14 years, but we got a pretty rousing reception there that made us wish the movie was coming out that weekend.

''Then we went to Rome and filmed it, and Ben's editing it now. I think it has a chance to be funny and good.''

Owen has travelled across the world for his films, most recently to Thailand to film 'No Escape' and he admits he enjoyed working and interacting with the Thai crew and the country's people.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''In real life it was very nice. The Thai people - to make a generalisation, this region is called The Land of Smiles - are very gentle. The Thai crew were just hospitable and great. For the story, though, it's kind of a non-specific country.''