The funnyman invited his ex-girlfriend Jade Duell and their son, Ford, to visit him on set and after discovering the four year old wasn't interested in checking out local historic sites like the Vatican and the city's famous Sistine Chapel, he decided to take his boy to enrol in courses designed to keep kids entertained.

He explains, "Ford, he was able to enjoy Rome. I tried to kind of think up little activities for him and I set him up with his mum to see the Vatican. I said, 'Ford, what was your favourite part to see at the Vatican?' (He said), 'None of it!'

"It reminded me of how crazy me and my brothers (sic) must have driven my parents because you want them to get into it and it's like, how do you get a four year old to get into the Sistine Chapel? They don't care...

"So then we took him to gladiator school, which they really have over there..."

Wilson had no intention of taking part in the activities himself, but he was soon roped in to the gladiator training after the teacher mistook the actor for a participant.

He says, "I get there and I got drafted into gladiator school also, and the guy there is intense about it. I guess gladiators were all slaves or something so he's calling you 'slave' and he's teaching you these sword moves..."