Ozzy Osbourne has spoken about the dangers of taking LSD in his latest Rolling Stone magazine column, revealing he still suffers from the after-effects from his use of the drug.
The fun-loving rocker got serious when one fan asked him about the effects of LSD after confessing he uses the mind-bending drug to get high with pals.
The Iron Man singer writes, "LSD is a great time until it isn't. One minute you're running down Miami Beach with a foam finger on your head, the next you're sticking a gun in your best friend's face.
"I still get the after-effects of LSD to this day - I call them my 'wobblers'. In a flash, every little problem freaks me out and becomes the end of the world."
And addressing his LSD-using email sender, Ozzy adds, "Seriously, man, be careful. If you keep taking that s**t, it's gonna bite you on the balls."