Ozzy Osbourne and his wife SHARON have undergone tests to determine if they are at increased risk of falling victim to Alzheimer's disease.
The rock matriarch's late father, music manager Don Arden, developed the condition prior to his death in 2007, and former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy admits watching his father-in-law's deterioration terrified him.
The singer and TV star Sharon recently underwent genetic tests to discover if they are susceptible to the disease - but the results are not yet known.
In his health column for Britain's Sunday Times Magazine, he writes, "Sharon and I have just had one of those tests - our genomes are being sequenced, whatever that means - to see if we are at risk of the disease. It's a very big deal for my wife, because her dad came down with Alzheimer's. Believe me, having seen what happened to him, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
"In his heyday, my father-in-law was one of the scariest people I'd ever met, but at the end of his life he'd been reduced to a child."