Ozzy Osbourne used to hide his drugs in the oven because his family can't cook.

The 66-year-old rocker - who relapsed in 2013 after seven years sober - concealed his habit from wife Sharon and their kids Aimee, Kelly and Jack and knew stashing his narcotics in the kitchen meant they would never be discovered.

Asked if she would consider working on a cook book with Sharon, Kelly said: ''Absolutely not! There's a reason my dad hid his drugs in the oven, it's because none of us can cook.''

Sharon and Kelly are ''best friends'' and love nothing more than nights at home watching movies.

Kelly said during a Q+A session on 'The Talk's Facebook page: ''We've never not been close. My mom has always been my best friend.

''My favorite thing to do with my mum is just get in bed, put our pajamas on and just watch movies.(sic)''

Sharon added: ''Kelly does impersonations and dresses up for me...always makes me laugh.

''We love to go shopping together and watch movies.''

While they always have a good time together, Sharon, 62, doesn't think their ''favourite moment'' has happened yet.

Asked what their favourite moment together is, she replied: ''I haven't had it yet. We have so many great times together...probably it will be on her wedding day.''

Sharon and Ozzy dote on their two-year-old granddaughter Pearl - Jack's child with wife Lisa - and love being able to ''spoil'' her.

Sharon said: ''[The best thing about being a grandparent is] that you don't have to discipline and you can spoil, and you can say yes to everything.

''[Ozzy] is a doting Papa and he's a proud Papa.''