Ozzy Osbourne thought he'd cry during the last Black Sabbath gig.

The legendary rockers played a final homecoming show in Birmingham, England, in February and the 68-year-old frontman was very emotional.

He said: ''It was very emotional. Sharon would be like, 'Say something.' I couldn't speak. Because I thought if I start talking I'll end up in f***ing tears. That's hardly the Prince of Darkness, being seen crying.''

And the 'Paranoid' hitmakers were incredibly nervous before they got up on stage for the show.

Guitarist Tony Iommi told Rolling Stone: ''There's always some kind of anxiety before you go on for most of the shows, certainly when you're in New York, L.A., London or Birmingham.

''All of them are important, but we always get a little bit anxious on certain shows. For the final show, we felt really nervous.

''I know everyone was feeling that way when they were walking down the hallway to go onstage. It's like going to be hung.''

But it wasn't just the band who were emotional about calling it a day, as their fans were also openly crying as they watched their idols play together for the final time.

Tony said: ''When you're onstage, seeing the audience, and there's people out there crying, it was all sorts of emotions.

''It was really great to see all these people from all over the world, and to see everybody's faces. But it was also emotional, because it's the last time you're going to be seeing these people.''

But the band didn't do anything special to mark their final show.

Tony said: ''I'm the only one who drinks. So the only celebration was after the show; we had some of our friends there. But as a band we didn't get time to talk to each other. We knew we'd planned to get together a couple of days after to do these [recording] sessions, and I'm really glad we did that. I'm glad there was time to talk to each other and say goodbye really.''