Ozzy Osbourne says Zakk Wilde is like "family" to him as they prepare for one last run on the road.

The iconic rocker has announced his final solo world tour - entitled 'No More Tours 2' - and confirmed the guitarist would be back as part of the live line-up, as he brings his career as a live musician to an end.

Speaking to Loudwire, Ozzy said: "Zakk and I are family. He's been with me longer than any other guitar players. He's great and his playing just blows me away. He's so articulate now."

The Black Sabbath icon has played with a number of incredibly talented guitar players over the years, including Jake E. Lee and the late Randy Rhoades.

Asked how he manages to be so well connected, Ozzy admitted: "They find me. I've just been very lucky. Jake E. Lee was great. Randy was unbelievable.

"When I was playing these shows with Zakk, I was just stunned at how amazing he's become. It's ridiculous now, and he lets you know it."

In February 2017, 'War Pigs' legends Black Sabbath brought their career to an end in front of two hometown crowds in Birmingham, England, after a final tour entitled 'The End'.

Reflecting on the final shows with the band, he said: "I didn't think I'd get emotional, but with the last gig we did in Birmingham. I got all emotional.

"It's the greatest love affair I've ever had in my life... The only thing that I was sad about was that Bill Ward wasn't there. It would've been great for him to come up for a couple of songs. But we did the best we could and the crowd appreciated it."