Ozzy Osbourne stole as a youngster

Ozzy Osbourne was a hapless thief in his youth.

The Black Sabbath singer revealed he had little success when he tried to venture into a life of crime because he was a ''f***ing idiot''.

He told Shortlist.com: ''I wasn't exactly the great train robber; I was a f***ing idiot.

''I was nicking this TV once, and I got it over the wall, but I fell down and the TV landed on my chest.

''I couldn't get the f***ing thing off me. So, I had to lie there until they caught me. I wanted to be on television, but the television was on me.''

The 64-year-old rocker admitted he ''kept getting nicked'' as a robber, which he attempted because he needed an escape route from his home town in Birmingham, UK.

He said: ''I tried being a thief, which I wasn't any good at. I kept getting nicked.

''I broke into one shop and I had my thumb out of the f***ing gloves. That's how f***ing clever I was. 'Yep, thumbprints, we've got him.' I didn't realise it was the fingerprints they got you on.

''I stole anything I could sell: baby clothes, old-age pensioners' stuff. I looked great in a pub with a bag full of babies' vests: 'Anyone want these?' ''


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