Ozzy Osbourne has warned Lady GaGa to stop donning outrageous outfits in public, insisting it takes away the impact of her live shows.

The Black Sabbath frontman is a big fan of outlandish costumes, but has reached out to the Poker Face hitmaker to advise her she is in danger of normalising her stage-wear by hardly ever dressing down when she is out and about.

He tells NME magazine,"The thing about Lady Gaga is, if I walked down the road wearing an orange on my head, a beefburger on my face and a f**king dead cat hanging out my a**e, people would just go, 'Oh, that's what Ozzy's wearing onstage tonight'. Go and make a sensation, but don't wear it on the f**king street - wear it at the show. At least there's an element of surprise then. But if you take all the gimmicks and shock-value bulls**t away, she's still a very, very talented woman."