Ozzy Osbourne plans to give touring his "best shot".

The 73-year-old star is determined to return to touring, despite suffering from Parkinson's disease.

He shared: "I’m saying to you I’ll give it the best shot I can for another tour. You have not seen the end of Ozzy Osbourne, I promise you. If I have to go up there and die on the first song, I’ll still be back the next day."

Ozzy has relatively mild symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but he still struggles with walking.

The music icon likened his experience of the disease to "walking around in lead boots".

He said: "You think you’re lifting your feet, but your foot doesn’t move. I feel like I’m walking around in lead boots."

Ozzy suffered a fall at his Los Angeles home while he was battling pneumonia in 2019. And at one point in time, he was left contemplating the worst.

He told the Observer newspaper: "It got so bad that at one point I thought: ‘Oh God, please don’t let me wake up tomorrow morning.’ Because it was f****** agony."

Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in February 2019, which he publicly revealed in January 2020. However, his symptoms are said to be quite mild.

He previously shared: "I don’t shake at all. My Parkinson’s doctor says, ‘I’ve got to tell you something, I’ve seen all kinds of Parkinson’s but yours is the mildest ever’. I don’t even know how anyone worked out I had it in the first place."

By contrast, Ozzy has really struggled with his spinal injury over the last three years. And he admits that his first surgery left him feeling fearful for his long-term health.

He said: "I was told, ‘You’ve got a good chance of being paralysed for the rest of your life'. You just don’t expect the surgeon to be a f****** butcher. I was left in agony."