The Orange is the New Black star was starring alongside Jennifer Carpenter in Rajiv Joseph's Gruesome Playground Injuries off-Broadway in 2011 when the oxygen to his brain was cut off as he acted out a vomit scene one night.

The Emmy Awards nominee recalls, "There's a scene where it's a seventh-grade dance and Jennifer Carpenter and I are giving our best moves and as as my pick-up line I tell her I can make myself puke.

"I begin to make myself puke and in order to do that there's this sort of guttural sound I have to make which cuts off the oxygen to my brain. I guess one night I got really, really into it and stopped breathing and passed out onstage. Before you know it I woke up and there was lights and I had no idea where I was. I was waking up in front of a live audience. It was crazy, but it was literally like eight seconds (I was out)."

Schreiber is still convinced Carpenter thought he was improvising and was unaware he had really passed out.