Mark of Kri Review PS2

The Mark Of Kri reviewed on PS2
The Mark Of Kri reviewed on PS2

Gather round all of you who would listen. I have a tale to tell. A story of warriors and kings a saga of dark and magic, a legend of my adventure.

Long ago during the first age a series of dark spells were created, one of these spells had the power to breech our world and the world of darkness an evil spell, with no purpose other than that of destruction. Before it could be invoked it was stolen and broken into six separate parts, six lines and six incarnations. The spell however was dark and powerful and not easily destroyed. So instead it was hidden away in a place where none would find it. Scattered about the world in six separate locations, six different families entrusted with its safe keeping. But then a mortal and time can be the enemy of fear, all too soon we forget how the bee will sting and the fire will burn. As time passed these families forgot what these marks were for. Mankind dismissed the ancient warnings about these words of power, as they were merely stories, tales from a long passed time. The legions of the world of darkness knew nothing of time. With infinite patience they waited and after a millennium to their dark joy the spells were rediscovered.

For every evil there is a greater good, for every innocent there is an evil, for every legend there is a hero.

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You control the character of a barbarian islander, so the first quest in the game will be to see Baumuru, Baumuru is a character in the game that will help you to train your warrior to fight and use any weapons that you may carry. You train on a platform, cordoned off by ropes and can practice fighting moves on dummy bodies positioned in different areas of the ring. This includes hit combos, using both your body and your sword to help you destroy your enemies. Also to help you on your quest you are given the power over a crow called kuzo who you can send out whenever you feel necessary to look around the level that you are on. By doing this you can search levels or stages that you are starting to check for enemies and danger that could stand in your way. You control the crow's vision and can use his assistance whenever you like. You are also given the help of another friend that can read signs and solve riddles that you would get stuck trying to solve so follow the advice which you are given. At the beginning of each level you are also trained in new moves and combos that you will need to complete up-coming missions.

As you play the game you will find that the speech and graphics are very good even though there is not much in the way of music. It is very good because other characters that you speak to actually speak to you rather than the speech being listed as text on the screen. You will find that the game is easy to play and control and the variety of weapons which you find as you advance through the game will soon be mastered. You will soon find yourself punishing enemies and with the help of your crow Kuzo you should be invincible. As you progress through the levels you will learn many moves and combos, mainly in Ballmuru challenges at the beginning of each level through these you will be shown the ways of your warrior.

Many of the fighting moves that you are taught are very impressive and as well as being able to sneak up on enemies you can also use dangerous combos that can cut off the heads of your opponents. Also through the levels you can access a friend called Sage who will access cheats for your benefit as well as art and costumes.

During the game you can save your progress by picking up scrolls placed through-out your missions. At the beginning of each mission you talk to a character that will tell you a story and send you on your next quest. The stories you are told are spoken out to you and you are also shown a short film which is helpful in telling you the storyline of the games content. There are loads of people for you to kill and try exploring new moves on so you wont get board of this game in a hurry. You can gain power up items also on levels to give you a fighting chance when the going get tough.

This game will definitely be a hit with PS2 gamers. It is very playable and has impressive sound, graphics and some pretty original ideas too. The Mark Of Kri will keep you entertained for ages.

7.5 out of 10