Paloma Faith has revealed that she refers to her baby as “they” as she raises it in a gender-neutral environment away from what she believes as the harmful effects of “celebrity culture”.

The 36 year old pop star appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’ on Thursday morning (February 1st) to explain her parenting decisions, saying that her status as a public figure could be an “unhealthy environment” for her child.

Faith and her boyfriend Leyman Lahcine welcomed their first child, a daughter, into the world back in December 2016.

“I refer to bubba as they. Only in interviews. In my private life I refer to the gender. I don’t believe celeb culture is a healthy environment for a child so I try and keep that separate,” she told the programme’s hosts.

Paloma FaithPaloma Faith welcomed her first child in December 2016

“I think people are getting confused between the privacy element and the gender neutrality,” Paloma explained in 2017 when she revealed she intended to raise her kids this way. “They might be shy and might not want people to know that I’m their mum so I’m not going to put that on them.”

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She also revealed that when she goes on tour later in 2018, having released her latest album The Architect a few weeks back, she’ll be bringing her baby with her.

Faith, who recently slammed the lack of women set to perform at the upcoming BRIT Awards, was also asked about the state of the music industry and whether it’s a good time to be a woman making her way in it.

“I feel like every decade has been a good time to be a woman because we are absolutely amazing,” she said. “For me what’s important, and what I’ve done with this album, is to use their platform to make a comment on society because so much is ignored. It’s a duty of a person in the public eye to represent and say their beliefs and open people up to an alternative way of thinking.”

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