'Baywatch' is returning to our screens very soon in the form a hilarious movie starring Dwayne Johnson. But the best part about it is the return of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, the latter of whom has spoken up about the big differences between the new movie and the 90s series.

Pamela Anderson at the 'Baywatch' premierePamela Anderson at the 'Baywatch' premiere

To re-make something as classic and yet as cheesy as 'Baywatch' and still bring in an audience, comedy was the only direction in which to go. With Seth Gordon at the helm, there was always going to be plenty of irreverence and much profanity - which Pamela Anderson noticed set it way apart from the series.

'There's a little bit of swearing, I hear, a little bit of nudity that would not have flown back in the day when we were doing 'Baywatch'', she said with a laugh. 'So I think it's kind of like a spoof, maybe?'

Watch the trailer for 'Baywatch' here:

Spoof or not, this blonde bombshell is happy to be back as Casey Jean Parker - the mother of the new CJ Parker played by Kelly Rohrbach. 'It's really fun to come back as the Captain, and who knows what will happen after this?' She adds. 'They've been talking to me for a while about doing it so I really appreciate them bringing me here and it's been fun. My son was in the movie too so it's exciting. I actually left the 'Baywatch' series when I was pregnant with Brandon so that shows you that's 19 years ago.'

The rest of the cast of 'Baywatch'The rest of the cast of 'Baywatch'

Her son, Brandon Lee (whose father is Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee), plays an unnamed Scull Rower in the movie. Meanwhile, Pamela's former co-star David Hasselhoff is credited as The Mentor, with Dwayne Johnson taking over his original role of Mitch Buchannon.

'Baywatch' is scheduled for release in theatres on May 25th 2017.