Pamela Anderson feels like she is ''getting younger all the time.''

The 48-year-old star isn't a fan of Botox because she didn't recognise herself after experimenting with it in the past and claims she doesn't care about getting older.

Asked how she feels about turning 50 in two years time, the former 'Baywatch' actress said: ''It is what it is. Besides, I feel like I'm getting younger all the time.

''I am the last person to try Botox but I did. I felt like my eyes sunk into my head so far that I didn't look look like me anymore! I'm not into all that stuff.''

The blonde beauty, who has created a new coffee table photo book called 'Raw' with her friend Emma Dunlavy, believes having a ''healthy attitude'' and ''doing good things keeps you young.''

But Pamela admits she thinks ''a little bit of maintenance is good.''

She told PEOPLE magazine: ''There are things we can do to perk ourselves up. Some people go to far. I'm not obsessed.

''My mom looks great. I love Jane Fonda and Brigitte Bardot. It's like the old saying goes: 'Beauty comes from within.' It's about embracing it and feeling great about what you have. And doing the best for you.''