The former Baywatch star revealed she had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2002, and told it was "a death sentence", but thanks to the advancement of research into the disease, she could be symptom free by the start of September (15).

Anderson tells People magazine her doctors have prescribed a new drug regimen that wipes out the virus.

She says, "I could be Hep C free within the month."

The actress, 48, insists the new drugs are working, adding, "I don't have any liver damage and I don't have any side effects. I'm living my life the way I want to but it could have eventually have caused me some problems and so it was a real blessing that I was able to get the medicine. I'm half way there.

"I'm really excited. I feel good. I feel so blessed... I actually just look in the mirror everyday and I feel like I'm looking younger and younger."