Everyone's favourite Baywatcher, Pamela Anderson, has disappointed fans of the cult sun-bleached drama by turning down the chance to be in Baywatch: The Movie. 

She said, via Entertainmentwise, "they've asked me, but I kind of like leaving it as it was. I think doing a movie sometimes ruins these really great TV shows as they were. And I don't want to play someone's mom. And someone else would be playing CJ." Turning down a very lucrative opportunity to revitalise an old franchise comes as quite a surprise, considering she's in the taxman's crosshairs. Perhaps, then, that's why she's traversing the U.K, appearing in places like Essex; a far cry from her Malibu lifestyle. "Pamela's people made it clear - in no uncertain terms - that she wasn't altogether relaxed with either the location or the type of clientele," says a source. "It's not really her sort of place," they added, according to The Daily Record.

Instead, a glamorous turn on Dancing on Ice is in order, where Pamela can don sparkly gowns and prance around to her heart's content. She'll have to be in tip-top shape, though, as the competition is fierce.  She revealed: "I've never been a big work out person, but I love to dance, I love skating, I'm starting Pilates, I have a good diet, I'm lucky to have good genes, and crazy kids to run after. That keeps you in shape."