Jacoby Shaddix, the vocalist of Papa Roach, revealed that he came very close to committing suicide before the release of her new album. The 36-year-old singer spent almost a decade fighting alcoholism and facing a deteriorating relationship with his wife Kelly, but has now decided to take on his demons.

In an interview with 'Metal Hammer' magazine, Shaddix explained: ''I went to Sausalito [California] to hang myself. I was in a f***ing place, man. The booze, my lifestyle, this woman I'd been with since I was 16. I've never been that f***ing broken. I was seriously going to finish it.'' He revealed, however, that while sitting in a hotel room contemplating ''that last conversation with your family on the phone''. It was this, he admitted, that caused a change of heart.

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Jacoby continued to say that: ''Suicide, that's the most selfish act. So I decided I had to endure this pain that I was going through.'' He chose an interesting and constructive way of consoling himself, admitting that: ''I f***ing wrote a song instead.'' This song - 'Before I Die' - ended up being the inspiration the band needed for their seventh album, 'The Connection', although Jacoby felt that he wasn't ready to publish a song about his brush with suicide. 

Finally, his band mates convinced him to finish writing the song and add it to the album. He explained their coercion, saying: ''[They] were like, 'You've got to do that. Every time we make records, you're always brutally honest about what you're going through.''