Police found a suspected cannabis joint in Paris Hilton's car shortly after her arrest on Friday night (27.08.10).

The socialite - who was arrested for cocaine possession after being pulled over by cops in Las Vegas with her boyfriend Cy Waits - reportedly had a hand-rolled cigarette in the vehicle, which was discovered by officers shortly after they stopped the couple.

An arrest report filed for Cy said: "Vehicle inventor turned up a 'roach', white piece of rolled paper w/green leafy sub inside.

"It was wet and unable to be tested."

Cannabis-laced cigarettes - commonly known as joints - are often rolled in this fashion, and police also noted a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car.

The officer wrote in his report: "I could smell marijuana coming out of the vehicle, pulled up to the Passenger side and driver stated he just got done smoking."

Meanwhile, Paris - who was stopped outside the lavish Wynn Hotel - has been banned from ever visiting both of the hotel resorts on The Las Vegas Strip.

Cy has also been sacked from his job as top managing partner of the Tryst Nightclub, and XS The Nightclub at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas.

A spokesperson confirmed: "Cy Waits has been separated from The Company and is free to pursue other interests. Wynn has no further comment on this matter."

Paris has been charged with cocaine possession and could face up to four years in prison after 0.8 grams of the illegal drug was found in her handbag when they were stopped and searched.

She is due in court on October 27.

Paris has denied she has done anything wrong, tweeting: "These rumours going around are so ridiculous, untrue and cruel. I'm not going to even pay attention to them, because I know the truth."

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt admits he was shocked when he learnt about Paris' arrest.

He said: "It's very surprising. Let Justice prevail how it's going to prevail. I wish her nothing but the best and I hope everything works out for her."