Paris Hilton will be charged with felony possession of a controlled substance following her Friday night (27Aug10) arrest on suspicious of cocaine possession, according to legal documents obtained by
The socialite and her boyfriend Cy Waits were driving along the Las Vegas strip when their car was pulled over by cops.
Waits was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and Hilton was booked for alleged felony drug possession after a police officer found a suspicious-looking white powder in her purse.
Hilton was checked into the Clark County Detention Center, but was freed in less than three hours.
According to a police report released on Monday (30Aug10) by, .8 grams of cocaine were allegedly found in Hilton's bag.
The website claims the hotel heiress will be officially charged by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office on Monday.
According to Nevada law, Hilton could face up a $5,000 (GBP3,330) fine and up to four years in prison if convicted.