Conrad Hilton, the younger brother of L.A. socialite Paris Hilton, has been arrested several months after an incident in which he threatened staff and passengers on a transatlantic plane journey.

According to People, 20 year old Hilton gave himself up to the FBI on Tuesday. On the same day, he was charged in a federal court of assaulting and intimidating the crew of the British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles last July, to the point where stewards could not carry out their duties properly, according to a U.S. District Court criminal complaint.

Conrad Hilton
A fresh-faced Conrad Hilton (L) on a red carpet photo call in 2008

Witnesses on board at the time told that Hilton went into meltdown during the flight, and began screaming aggressively at flight attendants, variously threatening “I am going to f***ing kill you!”; “I will f***ing own anyone on this flight - they are f---ing peasants”; and “If you wanna square up to me bro, then bring it and I will f*cking fight you.”

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Furthermore, it is alleged that the hotel chain heir was smoking marijuana in one of the plane’s toilets, and that passengers could see the smoke pouring through the bottom of the door. Witnesses also said that he was repeatedly punching the bulkhead of the plane at one point, and that children on board were so distressed that they burst into tears.

When he eventually fell asleep, the captain of the flight authorised a ‘restraint team’ to handcuff Hilton to his seat in preparation for the plane’s descent.

As a bonus, he also apparently grabbed a flight attendant’s shirt and bragged: “I could get you all fired in 5 minutes. I know your boss! My father will pay this out. He has done it before. Dad paid $300k last time.”

Hilton’s attorney Robert Shapiro, an experienced hand at defending the rich and famous, said at the time that his client had taken a sleeping pill before the flight which therefore impaired his behaviour.

If Hilton is found guilty of the charge, he faces a potential jail term of up to twenty years.

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