Paris Hilton expresses her ''changes'' in scent.

The socialite's 15th fragrance, Dazzle, launches next month and she loves her perfume collection because she believes they reflect her personality.

She said: ''Creating a new fragrance or two each year has been a great way to express The Changes I have gone through.

''Now I have a whole wardrobe of them to choose from, from light and beachy to mysterious and sexy.''

Paris - who has an additional 16 product lines - has generated $1.5 billion in sales with her fragrance collection, which is distributed by Parlux, but she admits she never expected it to be so successful.

She said: ''What started out as just an interesting experiment became a real business very quickly.

''Every one of the scents I have done is still on the market somewhere. I will keep providing Parlux with new inspirations and will continue to visit our customers around the world.''

Despite her busy schedule, Paris insists she is ''very involved'' with every aspect of creating her fragrance sand particularly enjoys promoting her work.

She told WWD: ''I'm very involved, from the initial concept to the packaging, the gift-with-purchase items and the advertising image.

''I love to do personal appearances, so I can connect with my customers and make sure they know this is all me, not just some corporation that uses my name.''