Paris Hilton is ''scared to go to bed at night''.

The 39-year-old socialite suffers from ''horrible insomnia'', meaning she finds it difficult to sleep, and when she finally drops off, she's plagued by a recurring nightmare.

She admitted: ''I have horrible insomnia. I'm scared to go to bed at night.

''I always have this recurring nightmare no matter what I do. I'm in bed and these two people come into my room and say, 'Do you want this to happen the easy way or the hard way?'

''I try and just run.''

Paris' nightmare is seemingly inspired by an incident from her teenage years when she was taken in the middle of the night to a correctional boarding school.

Her sister Nicky recalled: ''I knew there was a takedown in the works. I didn't know it was people coming in and capturing her...

''[The following morning] my parents were smiling like everything was fine.

''We didn't ask any questions and then I think [my mom] said she went to boarding school. They were always trying to protect us and shield us.''

Paris added: ''I thought I was being kidnapped. I started screaming for my mom and dad, like, 'Help me.' And no one came.''

The blonde beauty also revealed she has an extensive collection of laptop computers because she always changes them when she gets a new boyfriend.

She explained in her upcoming YouTube Originals documentary 'This Is Paris': ''Any time I get a new boyfriend I get a full new computer because they always break into my computers or they'll scream at me and threaten me, 'Give me your password now.'

''One night I was with one of my ex-boyfriends and we got in a big fight. I was on my computer ignoring him because I felt really uncomfortable and he just grabbed it from me and just slammed it on the floor.''