Paris Hilton has introduced her new boyfriend to her parents.

The 34-year-old socialite is smitten with Swiss businessman Thomas Gross and her dad Richard and mother Kathy are thrilled she has found happiness again.

A source told ''They had dinner with her family in Los Angeles last week. Her mother Kathy really liked him and was telling everyone that she is happy her daughter has met such a great match.''

The two first met at the Cannes Film Festival in May and they have been ''inseparable'' ever since.

The source added: ''I've never seen her happier since she met Thomas.

''They are inseparable and constantly travel together around the world. She recently went on his jet from Cannes to Cabo, to Ibiza then New York and LA and then Vegas. Now they are in London for her sister Nicky's wedding and look completely in love.

''Paris has never looked so happy, she is literally glowing!''

And despite Paris living her life in the spotlight, Thomas isn't worried by her fame.

The source said: ''Thomas is so great for her because not only is he so successful, but he is self-made. He's not like other men in the past simply because he doesn't need anything from her but her love.

''She is inspired by him and his success. He pushes her to accomplish more and things are looking very serious between them.''