Paris Hilton will always be an important figure in the history of reality television, but she's also recently laid claim to the original 'selfie'. She thinks that she and her pal Britney Spears invented the selfie more than a decade ago - and she has proof.

Paris Hilton at the Fred Hollows Foundation GalaParis Hilton at the Fred Hollows Foundation Gala

We have apps for the purpose of taking selfies, our phones have a front-facing camera for selfies, there are even people toting selfie-sticks so they can get more people into their photos. Paris and Britney didn't have any of that back in 2006, but that didn't stop them. 

'11 years ago today, me and Britney invented the selfie!' Paris wrote on Twitter on Sunday (November 19th 2017), alongide two snaps of the blonde pair, one of which featured them wearing some kind of bunny ears.

Of course, not one part of that sensational Tweet is true. Many of Paris' followers were quick to point out Thelma & Louise were doing it in 1991, and even before that, Madonna snapped herself in 1985's 'Desperately Seeking Susan'. Plenty of people were pointing out even earlier examples of selfie-taking, while many shared their own snaps that they took of themselves with Polaroid and disposable cameras.

Obviously, whoever started it, it is the current decade that has been the true generation of the selfie. Kim Kardashian even published the first ever autobiography made up entirely of selfies, her 2015 release 'Selfish'. She has since become much less fond of of the whole thing though, ever since she was robbed at gunpoint while alone in her apartment in France during Paris Fashion Week. After all, the more pictures you take, the more exposed you become.

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It's still not scared sister Kylie Jenner, however. Her entire business empire was built from her presence on social media, and the image she portrayed through her endless sultry pictures of herself.