Paris Hilton is focusing on ''family'' instead of her career.

The 39-year-old socialite and businesswoman claims in her YouTube documentary, 'This Is Paris', that her life goal is to earn $1 billion through her business ventures, but she has now revealed she is no longer following that dream, as she has instead turned her attention to ''the next phase'' of her life.

Paris hinted she's looking at having children with her boyfriend Carter Reum, and is putting her ''personal life'' before her business from now on.

When asked about her $1 billion dream, she said: ''I'm so proud of everything I've done, and that used to be my goal because I was more just thinking about my business life. But now that I'm so happy in my relationship and everything, and I've done so much and built such a huge empire, that's not my focus any more.

''I'm more focused on the future, and things that really matter, like family and the next phase of my life. But things are going amazing business-wise, I just released my 27th fragrance, of course I'm going to continue always being a Boss Babe, because I love working hard, but I'm now going to put my personal life with my relationship ahead of my business.''

The former 'Simple Life' calls herself the first real influencer, and has also said she feels a sense of pride when she looks at how many other people have pursued a career in ''creating their own brands and businesses'' because of her.

She added to TMZ: ''I feel proud. I always have pride in myself for being an innovator, a trailblazer, a pioneer, to have created something that has inspired so many other people to create their own brands and businesses.

''I try to look at the good parts of it. Obviously there are some influencers who are negative and you know, they're not using it in a positive way, but then there's others who are building amazing businesses and making a living off of it.''