Paris Hilton has named her new Pomeranian dog Prince Hilton - and has set the pup up with his own Twitter account.

The 33-year-old star paid $13,000 for the ''micro'' mutt from Betty's Teacup Yorkies earlier this month and she has finally got the pooch home.

Although the adorable snow white dog already had a name, Mr. Amazing, Paris has decided to anoint him Prince Hilton and her fans can see what her canine friend is doing via the social networking site and also on Instagram.

Paris posted on Twitter: ''Hey Everyone! Follow my baby @PrinceHilton1 on Twitter & @Prince_Hilton_The_Pom on Instagram! #CutestDogOnEarth!''

The diminutive dog - who is only 2.5 inches tall - was flown from his breeders in Calgary, Canada, to Paris' home in Los Angeles and since she's been united with Prince the socialite has been taking him everywhere with her, including to work and on a doggy shopping spree.

She tweeted: ''Amazing day on set with my love. Can't wait to get home & cuddle with this lil guy ... He's the cutest baby in the world!

''Now taking my baby on his 1st shopping spree. @ The Urban Pet (sic)''

Although Paris is completely in love with her new pet, some of her other dogs are not happy with the new addition to their animal family, in particular Peter Pan - who also has his own Twitter account.

The celebrity DJ revealed in a tweet: ''Aw, @PeterPan_Hilton is jealous of the new baby. Hope they become friends soon. (sic)