Hollywood socialites Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton indulged in a spot of sisterly bonding with a California shopping trip.

The sibling heiresses looked sunkissed and content as they shopped at Malibu Country Mart, their shopping bags reading such brands as Madison and Diavolina.

The pair were decked in their most summery apparel too, with Paris donning her trademark white-rimmed shades with a large sunhat, a starfish printed sundress and nude flats. She was also showing off her status with her quirky iPhone case which reads 'Queen Of F***ing Everything'.

Nicky was a little more colourful, instead opting for a purple cotton dress over her black bikini and black, shell embellished sandals.

The sisters have been hanging out a lot in Malibu recently, enjoying the summer sun at Paris' exclusive beach house.

While the duo are well-known for their typical celebrity lifestyle, Nicky recently insisted that she has never relied on handouts from her hotelier father. 'It was never an option to sit on my ass. I've always had to earn my own money', she insisted.