Paris Hilton now owns ''30'' pets including a ''flying squirrel''.

The 34-year-old star has always been a committed animal lover and now her menagerie of furry friends is the largest it has ever been.

Her creature collection even contains a species of the winged rodents, who have flaps of fur-covered skin between their legs so they can glide between trees in the wild.

In an interview with UK station BBC Radio 1, she revealed: ''I have, like, 30, pets. They're so cute. I have dogs, ferrets, cats, a miniature pony and flying squirrels. (The squirrels) are in, like, this big cage, they float around. What they really do is floating and falling.''

Although she loves all of her pets, Paris admits her chihuahua dog Peter Pan is her ''favourite'', even though the pooch can never take the place of her beloved mutt Tinkerbell - who passed away at the age of 14 in April

She admitted: ''Tinkerbell was my favourite and now my favourite is Peter Pan, he's a Chihuahua.''

Although Paris travels all over the world for her DJ gigs and various business ventures, the blonde beauty doesn't think she'll ever move away from Los Angeles because of her love for her pets.

She said: ''I love it in London, it's one of my favourite cities in the world. I wish I could live here. (I can't) because all my pets are there (in LA) and my work, my family. Maybe some day...''

The most recent additions to Paris' plethora of pets are miniature Pomeranian dogs, Prince Hilton and Princess Paris Jr.