We would have thought that hotel heiress Paris Hilton wouldn't be caught dead in a Lidl, but it appears we were wrong.

In a bizarre pairing that could only have happened in 2016, the former star of ‘The Simple Life’ has teamed up with the German budget supermarket chain, to release her own hair care range.

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Hilton announced the news on Twitter, telling fans: “I‘m excited to share my new collection from @lidl with you! Be the first to get it: @lidl #HereComesParis #Hair #BTS #Blonde #Beauty," along with a brief advertisement.

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The advert in full, which is now on Youtube, features Paris walking through a set of doors, in a different outfit and with differently styled hair each time, before getting in a lift with a bellhop.

The line will include hairdryers, straighteners, curlers and brushes. The range of hair brushes are the line’s cheapest products, with some costing just £1.99, while the Wave Curlers and Rotating Hot Air Stylers retail for the most at £16.99.

Fans on Twitter have reacted to Paris’ latest venture with a mixture of amusement and confusion. “Just when you thought 2016 couldn't get any weirder, up steps Paris Hilton & Lidl to really wind it up a gear..,” wrote one tweeter.

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Another added: “Who's the marketing genius that bagged @ParisHilton for @lidl because that's major!!!”. While a third simply wrote: “@ParisHilton aldi is better”.

Watch Paris Hilton’s advert for Lidl below: