Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has broken a former boyfriend's heart by announcing she only ever dated him for publicity.

During the first season of Hilton and best pal Nicole Richie's reality show The Simple Life, the blonde beauty was seen cavorting with Altus, Arkansas, local TRAE 'CHOPS' LINDLEY, who even dumped his own girlfriend to be with the millionairess.

But Hilton, currently dating BACKSTREET BOYS star Nick Carter, has now revealed she was only ever with Lindley to boost the show's ratings.

She says, "I did not really like that guy. They wanted, like, a love interest and I was, like, 'Okay fine.' They're like, 'It's good ratings.' I'm like, 'Great!' So I had to, like, find some guy and I did not like him. That was acting!"

And while Hilton was far from impressed with her choice of man for the show, she insists that he "obviously" liked her.

16/06/2004 13:48