Paris Hilton hasn’t really been culturally relevant for about half a decade now, but on a slow news day gossip hounds can always rely on the heiress to have done something scandalous enough to merit a headline. In this case, the issue was with the dress Ms Hilton wore to Diddy's Red Carpet Pre-Grammy Celebration on Thursday. It was a sequined black number, unremarkable in most ways, except for the fact that it had a sheer black V-shaped panel straight down the front, which showed off… well, not Paris’ underwear, because there was none, as Us Magazine reports.

Paris Hilton, Diddy Grammy Pre-Party
This wasn't your average little black dress.

For some reason, the internet is having a fit over Hilton going pantsless, although she certainly isn’t the first person in history, or even in Hollywood, to do so. Although we have to give it to Mrs. Hilton – at 33, the heiress is looking as fine as ever.

Paris Hilton, Diddy Pre-Grammy Party
And here's a better view of that sheer panel.

Of course, Hilton isn’t the first to opt for the slightly risqué side panel look. Gwyneth Paltrow opted for a similar style in black and white for the Iron Man 3 premiere, while another Marvel lady, Jaimie Alexander, tried out an even more revealing panel dress for the Thor: The Dark World premiere later in the year. We’re going to go ahead and call it the half butt dress and it was pretty impressive.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Iron Man 3 PremiereJaimie Alexander, Thor: The Dark World Premiere
Sheer panels are in: who wore it better?