Paris Hilton thought she was going to be ''alone forever'' until she met her boyfriend Carter Reum.

The 39-year-old DJ has been engaged five times and broke things off with her most recent fiancée Chris Zylka in November 2018 and, after the failure of that romance, she was left despondent, believing that she didn't deserve to find true love.

That was until she reunited with her family friend Carter - who she has known for 15 years - in November and things have just gone from strength-to-strength.

Speaking to the latest issue of PEOPLE magazine, she said: ''After my last break-up, I thought I was going to be alone forever. I was like, I give up. I'll just focus on myself. I don't need anyone. So to have actually fallen in love, I just feel so grateful.''

Paris and Carter have only grown closer during the coronavirus pandemic and she feels blessed to have been able to share so much quality time with him.

She shared: ''I've known him for 15 years. Then [Reum's sister Halle Hammond] invited us to Thanksgiving and we just had this incredible chemistry. We had our first date and haven't spent a night apart since. It's pretty amazing.

''The silver lining is that I get to be with my pets and my boyfriend. We have gotten so close. The amount of time we've had together is what would normally take five years!''

Despite her numerous boyfriends and break-ups, Paris wouldn't change her romantic past as it's a journey that has led her to Carter now.

She mused: ''I don't think I was ready for it before. I just always wanted what my mom and dad have. They're best friends, he's so loyal. I was always looking for that, but I was looking in the wrong places.''

Now, the former 'Simple Life' star thinks she has finally found her one true love in the 39-year-old businessman as he makes her feel ''safe and happy'' all the time.

She said: ''Carter actually reminds me of my dad! He makes me feel safe and happy. I finally found the right one.''