Paris Hilton reportedly wants to marry Thomas Gross.

The 34-year-old DJ thinks the Swiss businessman - who she met in Ibiza earlier this year - is 'The One' and she's ready to spend the rest of her life with him after just four months of dating.

A source close to Paris told America's Star magazine: ''Paris wants to walk down the aisle sometime next year. She's turning 35 and she's ready to settle down.''

Paris' mind turned to marriage after she attended her sister Nicky's

''perfect'' nuptials to James Rothschild in Kensington Palace in London earlier this year and since that couple tied the knot the former 'Simple Life' star has been asked when she's going to get engaged.

Paris also wants to become a mother and thinks it would be incredible if she and Nicky, 31, were pregnant at the same time.

The source added: ''Even since her sister, Nicky, got married, people have been asking Paris when she's going to get engaged ... Nicky is planning to have kids soon, and Paris loves the idea of them being pregnant at the same time.''

Paris previously admitted she couldn't be happier with Thomas, 39, and revealed the pair had shared a ''marvellous'' summer.

She said: ''I'm really happy right now and that's all I can confirm. This is turning into a magical, marvellous summer.

''Even though Thomas isn't Spanish, I have to admit that really great things happen to me in Spain. Life smiles on me here.''