Prince Jackson says Michael Jackson was ''the best'' father.

The 17-year-old has spoken out about his relationship with the late King of Pop - who passed away in 2009 from acute Propofol intoxication - and said he and his siblings, 16-year-old Paris, and Blanket, 12, want to continue ''spreading his message of love'' to preserve his memory.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''We want to keep my dad's legend alive.

''He was the best father anybody could have. He raised us the right way and there's nothing anyone can do to make us forget about him.

''He was always concerned about humanity. He helped many charities. In his songs his message was simple - love. We will continue to spread his message.''

However, the aspiring movie director wants to keep his career separate from the memory of his father and will dedicate himself to the ''craft'' in order to be taken seriously in the industry.

Prince said: ''I don't expect to walk into roles because of who I am. I want to learn my craft.

''I would like to be a director one day. But to be a good director you have to know how an actor works and feels on set.

''I want to learn my craft and experience being in TV shows and possibly movies before I even consider going behind the camera.

''It is not a job to be taken lightly. You need to put your time in to learning something properly before overseeing others.''