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24th November 2016

Fact: Parker Posey has joined the cast of the Netflix reboot of much-loved 60's sci-fi series Lost in Space, Deadline Hollywood have reported. The 48-year-old actress is set to play Dr. Smith in the new series, slated to premiere in 2018 - a role played in the original series by Jonathan Harris and Gary Oldman in the 1998 movie adaptation.

27th April 2010

Quote: "The gift of this film - besides the finished product, obviously - is that Parker and I, we walked away with a friendship, which I don't think always happens. We kind of lived like sisters - we stayed in the same hotel and we drove to work together every day." Demi Moore gained a "sister" on the set of new movie HAPPY TEARS - because she grew so close to her onscreen sibling Parker Posey.

9th July 2008

Fact: Actress Parker Posey served as 'best man' at pal Chris Kattan's wedding to SUNSHINE TUTT last month (Jun08), while guests at the Yosemite Valley nuptials in California included Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Shields.

20th March 2008

Quote: "When I was little I had to be careful, I was allergic to grass, trees, weeds, dust. My mother would vacuum the windows." Actress Parker Posey was a sickly child.

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