Boyhood is the outstanding movie of the year and, barring a Crash style upset, it will be crowned Best Picture at the Academy Awards on February 27. Still, if there's something more absolute than Richard Linklater's film winning the evening's biggest award, it is Patricia Arquette winning Best Supporting Actress.

Patricia ArquettePatricia Arquette [L] won the Golden Globe for Boyhood and is expected to win the Oscar

With respect to her fellow actresses, Arquette has nothing to beat. In a year of outstanding lead performances (Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon, Felicity Jones), Arquette's nearest competition will likely come in the form of Emma Stone for Birdman, Keira Knightley for The Imitation Game and Jessica Chastain for A Most Violent Year.

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Still, the actress has revealed that her possible Oscar winning role was one of the lowest paid of her career.

"I paid more money to my babysitter and my dog walker," the actress said. "And when I did talk about it to people they would glaze over and they were totally not interested. I would say I was working on this movie for 12 years. They'd ask what it was about. And I would say it's about a boy growing up. And they'd say, 'OK, good luck with that.'"

"I think it felt like someone injected adrenalin directly into my vein," says Arquette of her Globes win. "I felt shaking through my whole body. It really blows my mind. We really didn't even know people would accept this movie. And then to find out that people were so moved by it."

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On agreeing to do Boyhood - filmed with the same cast over a 12 year period - Arquette said it was a "a no-brainer," adding, "The concept was so beautiful. It was the stripping away of the conventional way of storytelling."

Last year, Jonah Hill revealed that he received just $60,000 for his Oscar-nominated role in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street.

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