Patricia Arquette is ''terrified'' of marriage.

The 'Boyhood' actress - who was previously wed to Nicolas Cage and Thomas Jane - is incredibly happy with partner Eric White but insists she and the artist won't be tying the knot because she wouldn't want to deal with the pain of another break-up.

She said: ''I'm terrified of the institution of marriage. The failure of a marriage is a very personal, painful thing to come to - it's not just like breaking up, it is really painful.''

The 46-year-old actress insists she and Eric have a ''very ordinary'' life together as she has no desire to be part of the ''Hollywood scene'' because she feels too old.

She said: ''I'm not a big part of the Hollywood scene. I'm not interested in nightclubs.

''I went to nightclubs a lot when I was a teenager. I find it strange when I see people my age in nightclubs. I think, what's wrong with you?''

Patricia doesn't enjoy getting drunk and thinks it is time she quit smoking, but insists she does ''bad things''.

She told Red magazine: ''I do bad things. I don't like to get drunk and sloppy, but I like a few drinks here and there.

''And I smoke, even though I hate it. I need to quit once and for all. There's nothing good in it. It's just one of my little immature rebel ways.''