Patrick Duffy has admitted he watches ''a lot of porn''.

The 65-year-old actor - who portrayed Bobby Ewing in TV drama 'Dallas' - joked that he likes to log-on to his computer and check out some naughty websites, but insisted he has an ideal family.

Speaking on US chat show 'The View', Patrick - who has sons Padraig, 40, and Conor, 35, with wife Carlyn - said: ''I have two of the most honourable, wonderful boys as children and wonderful wives. It's just this little perfect family unit and I'm extremely blessed.''

He then quipped: ''I do watch a lot of porn though! I'm just saying!''

The star also credited ''red wine and being in love'' for helping to keep him looking young and he went on divulge the secret of his happy marriage to Carlyn - who he has been married to for 40 years - stating it is imperative to ''just keep at it''.

He said: ''It really is like a rollercoaster. You're best friends, and then you're lovers, and then you're best friends and a lot of people jump off at the second [time of being their] best friend. They think, 'Oh no, where did it go!' but if you drink enough wine, there it is!''

Despite his passion for saucy videos, Patrick showed that he is still a romantic at heart, adding: ''I am more madly in love and attracted to my wife after 42 years.''