Miley Cyrus is a lucky girl and don't we all know it after her beau Patrick Schwarzenegger was featured in a video in which he flashes his well defined abs!

Patrick Schwarzenegger
Patrick Schwarzenegger has been dating Miley Cyrus since November.

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Schwarzenegger's friends had played a cruel prank on him on Friday (2nd January), sticking a fake tattoo in the form of a sparkling star to his chest. Despite his best efforts Schwarzenegger was seemingly unable to get the tattoo off and Schwarzenegger and his friends shared the joke on social media. 

Schwarzenegger was in Hawaii with friends including Rob Lowe's son Johnny Lowe. Lowe was apparently responsible for pulling the prank on Schwarzenegger as Schwarzenegger explained on Twitter. 21-year-old Schwarzenegger tweeted: "Johnny Lowe put this flash tattoo on me while I was sleeping and now it won't come off." He also attached a selfie in which he looked slightly sleepy and irritated at the prospect of dealing with the not so temporary tattoo. 

A short video of Schwarzenegger attempting to remove the tattoo was uploaded by Lowe's brother, Matthew, on to Instagram. In the video Schwarzenegger is shown picking at the star on his chest but having little success and looking understandably exasperated. 

Although Schwarzenegger was in Hawaii shortly after the New Year, he had spent his New Year's Eve in the arms of his girlfriend, Cyrus. Cyrus uploaded a picture on to Instagram in which she kisses Schwarzenegger as confetti flies around them.  

Schwarzenegger and Cyrus have been dating since November and, according to reports in the NY Post, Cyrus has apparently spent much of the festive season with Schwarzenegger, his dad Arnold and Arnold's girlfriend, Heather Milligan. A source, speaking to the newspaper, said "Arnold approves of his son's new relationship, and he was the one who suggested they all spend New Year's Eve together in Las Vegas." 

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