In the new comedy, Weaver plays the manager of Patrick Stewart's hellraising newsreader character and there are some scenes she doesn't want anyone to see, especially her grandkids, who are eight and four.

She tells WENN, "They certainly wouldn't be allowed to watch it. They don't know what grandma does. They know grandma lives in America and they want to know when they're going to Disneyland. That's about it."

In one scene, Stewart shakes his head in his co-star's cleavage and Weaver admits she had no idea about the saucy sequence - because she didn't know what 'motorboating' was.

She explains, "Young people all know what it means. I'm not saying it doesn't occur in my generation but we didn't have a name for it. It didn't actually say 'motorboating' in the script; it just described what goes on. But on the call sheet, it was obviously a young person who wrote it, it read: 'Scene 54 - Rosalie gets motorboated'. I said, 'Are we going to the beach? I didn't know there was a beach scene in this'.

"Now I know what motorboating is! I was a little bit shy about the scene."