Sir Patrick Stewart caused us to do a double take yesterday, when he transformed into a glamorous woman to promote his new US show ‘Blunt Talk’. The 75-year-old actor appeared in full drag at an event in Hollywood on Monday evening (April 18th), causing many fans to liken him to British actress Dame Helen Mirren.

Posting a picture of himself in the make-up chair on Instagram, Stewart wrote: "Something is happening in Hollywood tonight.” At the event, Stewart appeared in a pink satin dress, a blond wig and a full face of makeup, topped off with pink lipstick and manicured nails.

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Fans immediately started comparing the actor to Helen Mirren, his co-star in 1981’s Excalibur, joking that the two could be sisters. "You look like Helen Mirren's older distinguished sister, and I have so many questions,” one fan wrote.

"Glorious. Well done sir. Helen Mirren, amirite?” asked another. While one fan told the actor: “U will need to change your twitter handle - @damepatstew’.” In the US sitcom, which airs on the Starz network, Stewart plays cable news reporter Walter Blunt.

The show is produced by ‘Family Guy’s’ Seth MacFarlane and written by ‘Bored to Death’s’ Jonathan Ames. Ames recently revealed his inspiration for Stewart’s character came from an unlikely, but familiar source.

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"I was channelling past CNN and happened to see Piers Morgan in front of a blue backdrop,” Ames said. "In that moment, I thought Patrick Stewart would look amazing behind such a desk. We could live behind the scenes and create a world from there."