The Brit plays hellraising Walter Blunt in the dark new comedy and admits portraying a newsreader gave him the urge to play one in real life.

He says, "I am loving being a presenter. It feels so good. I'm a news junkie so I am obsessed with programmes like that. I watch everything. Even when I'm abroad I turn on foreign news television that I can't understand a word but I love watching these people.

"In a way I feel I've been preparing all my life to sit behind a desk. I hope at some point we will find a way of having real interviews unscripted with politicians, celebrities, sportsmen. It's my own personal ambition that I might get to do some serious interviewing."

And he admits he's close to fulfilling a dream of interviewing former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as part of his new show.

He explains, "I've already got one tentative agreement to do this from Secretary Albright, who is a hero of mine and she's also a Star Trek fan. We've been good friends for quite a long time and I think it would be wonderful if Secretary Albright would agree to be interviewed on Blunt Talk."