In a career spanning 50 years, the veteran has never had a sex scene until now, and he's hoping directors will be so impressed with his lovemaking skills on camera he'll be asked to make love on screen again.

Stewart tells WENN, "I've led a perfectly normal sexual existence, but on camera this was my first (sex scene). I guess it's an indication of the kind of work I've done and the kind of work I have not done.

"In fact I got to play one pre-coital scene or at least foreplay scene and one post-coital scene, which luckily for me I got to play with the beautiful and brilliant Elisabeth Shue. It was a lovely experience.

"I've never been in action, so to speak, very much as a character. I was not considered as a romantic actor in any way whatsoever forever! But maybe all that is about to change. I'll have Elisabeth put in a good word for me that I didn't screw up and maybe there will be some fun and frolic in the future."