Game over. Go home all you Walter Whites, all you Miley Cyrus's. The game is up. Patrick Stewart's Lobster costume for Halloween is the best celebrity outfit for 2013. 

The revered actor made headlines last year after claiming he'd never tried pizza before, but this just takes the biscuit in terms of Patrick Stewart viral potential stories. The 73-year-old tweeted a picture of himself dressed in a full-length lobster suit IN THE BATH. He looks thoroughly happy with himself and he should be - that is one sweet Halloween costume. Probably better than Miley Cyrus's awesome Lil Kim outfit.

Sir Patrick has been delighting social media users all year, especially with his slapstick acting tutorial on YouTube. He also roped in Sir Ian McKellen to officiate at his wedding. 

Sir Ian, 74, and Sir Patrick, 73, are currently starring together at the Cort Theatre, on Broadway, for productions of Harold Pinter's comedy No Mans Land and Samuel Beckett's classic Waiting for Godot

Last week, Stewart tweeted a picture of himself and McKellen enjoying a few ales at McSorley's Old Ale House, on 7th Street, known as the oldest Irish bar in the Big Apple. 

Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart Is Always A Massive Hit On Social Media

In a recent interview with CBS News, McKellen - who hails from Lancaster - said he would never have predicted his strong friendship with Stewart - a Yorkshireman.

"I don't normally take to Yorkshire," he said, "They can be very dour. And they can be very stubborn.Lancastrians, like me, are chippy. And happy. And like to get on with everybody. Yorkshire people have to be dealt with.'

Stewart added, "How Ian has cast us is...accurate...I have to agree with everything he says. There is a famous saying, "You can always tell a Yorkshireman but you can't tell him much.'"

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