At 72, Sir Patrick Stewart has seen and experienced things that many of us could only dream of. Surprisingly though, there's something that just about everybody has tried before that Sir Patrick is not quite as familiar with; the humble pizza slice. This changed for the veteran actor earlier this week though, when he got his lips around a slice in New York with his fiancé.

A hungover Sir Pat stumbled upon the Italian's most revered inventions after a night drinking in the Big Apple, hoping that a greasy slice of pizza from a nearby take away would chase away his headache. On Wednesday (May 29) the thespian Tweeted a picture of himself take by his fiancé with a pizza slice in hand (with 'authentic NY fold') with the caption 'My first ever pizza "slice".'

Naturally, being the big news story it is, Patrick has been quizzed fairly regularly about the whole life-experience since it happened, most recently when he returned to the U.K. for an appearance on Eddie Mair's Radio 4 show 'PM' on Thursday (May 30). The actor was asked about how it feels to be such a viral sensation thanks to his picture and what the moment was like when he ate the pizza, to which he replied; "I look on this as maybe being the high point of my career, if not my life."

"Of course I've eaten pizza before. But I've never gone into a slice. The fact is yesterday morning my fiancee and I were a little hung-over. I know that's something you wouldn't understand having never had that experience but my fiancée said what we need is a slice of pizza and a fizzy drink." He said, "So here in Brooklyn we went to this little neighbourhood place and innocently somebody took a photograph of me and the rest, as you know, is history."

It isn't just pizza that Sir Pat was a novice to either, as the end of his interview revealed. When quizzed on whether there was anything else he'd never tried; "Thousand year old eggs" and "four hundred year old eggs" were his reply. Now eating pizza is one thing, but that kind of stomach neglect is just weird.

Patrick Stewart Jack The Giant Slayer
The actor has also admitted to never eating 'one thousand' and 'four hundred' year old eggs before

Sir Pat Fiance
Sir Patrick and his fiancé