Patrick Stewart has a fantastic relationship with the internet, whether it's his through his regularly updated Twitter page or just because his many antics have made him a goldmine for gif-makers everywhere, the web just can't get enough of Sir Pat. His latest online sensation is a video recorded by his fiancée, Sunny Ozell, which features the acting great giving a masterclass on how to master the 'quadruple take.'

Patrick Stewart
Sir Patrick ages like a fine wine

Dressed casually whilst sat atop his outside decking and with his audience of one sat in front filming him, Sir Pat delivers the 'Quadruple Take Masterclass.' Having gone through the single, double and then the triple take, filming begins just as Patrick is about to explain the "rarely used device in comedy" - the quadruple take, a device that may be used rarely, but still has it's place in comedy. But this is a serious lesson (ok, it isn't remotely serious, but it's all about the comedy), as he makes clear to his wife-to-be.

"Now what you have to understand about the quadruple take is it is not in the same style as the take, single or double take. It's a different style of physical comedy," he explains, before eventually giving us the correct method to use should you ever find yourself in need of a quadruple take - only he ended up doing it five times, but then again it does look pretty advanced.

"That actually might have been the quintuple take, because I lost count halfway through it," he jested after. Keep it up Sir Pat, the internet loves you and we now need another video to add to this and the time you taught us how to 'sleep act.'

Sir Patrick Stewart and wife
Sir Patrick with his fiance