Patrick Swayze's younger brother Don has signed up to find love on U.S. reality show Millionaire Matchmaker.

The 55-year-old actor and stuntman, who recently enjoyed a small role in vampire series True Blood, claims he made it clear to show producers that he was no big spender and lives a modest life, but they still wanted him to appear on an upcoming episode of the hit Bravo network series with relationship guru Patti Stanger.

He tells the National Enquirer, "The truth is, I am actually very shy. I'm also not a millionaire. Not even close. I rent a small cottage near downtown Los Angeles and live a very low-key lifestyle...

"The producers told me that they were doing a 'special celebrity episode' so I didn't need to be a millionaire."

Don Swayze, who was previously married to actress Marcia Swayze for eight years, is optimistic about finding lasting love on the programme and he can only hope to establish a close bond with a prospective partner, like the one his late brother had with his wife, Lisa Niemi.

Don says, "She was there for him 24/7 until the very end. If I could be in a loving relationship again with just a fraction of the love those two had, I would die a happy man. I know my brother Patrick is looking down on me with a big smile on his face and pulling for me."

The Ghost star died from pancreatic cancer in September, 2009.