Following her work on one of the biggest superhero films of all time with 'Wonder Woman', Patty Jenkins has been confirmed to return for the planned sequel, taking her rightful spot back in the Director's Chair and bringing a much-needed female injection to the DC Extended Universe.

Patty Jenkins is one of many people excited to see 'Black Panther'Patty Jenkins is one of many people excited to see 'Black Panther'

Knowing what it takes to make a good movie - especially so in the world of superheroes - Jenkins is somebody who everyone working within that realm could learn something from. Having proven that women can do things just as well as men, if not better when it comes to films of this type, she's now passed judgement on the latest trailer for upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe flick, 'Black Panther'.

As the first MCU release with a black lead, there's a lot of expectation surrounding the movie. All of the teasers and hype for the film so far have been met with excitement by the majority of the general public, and Jenkins has added her voice to those looking forward to watching it when it finally hits the big screen.

Taking to her Twitter account after watching the film's latest trailer, Jenkins said she couldn't wait to see the movie when it drops next year, as it looks "really great and powerful". Check out the tweet below:

Jenkins isn't the first person from DC Films to talk about 'Black Panther', with DC Films President Geoff Johns previously saying he was impressed by the very first trailer released. This just further goes to prove that the feuding amongst fans of either franchise, who claim the MCU is better than the DCEU and vice-versa is one that's made by them and doesn't reach far out into the real-life organisations.

Respect clearly breeds success, and that's something we hope both Marvel Studios and DC Films will continue to realise.

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'Black Panther' hits cinemas across the UK on February 9, 2018.